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Disney During COVID

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

My family visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida during the New Year's holiday. I typically avoid visiting Disney during peak times due to the crowd levels. However, when our cruise that was scheduled to sail out of Port Canaveral was canceled it was on to Plan B. We already had flights in and out of Orlando and were already planning to visit Disney on the back end of the trip after holiday crowds would start to thin. So we decided to spend the full 10 days in Orlando and increase our park tickets to a 7-day ticket.

We usually book park hopper tickets which allows for visiting more than one park per day. We did not have the park hopper for this trip because Disney was not allowing for park hopping until January 1. I definitely can say I missed park hopping and I'm glad that it has returned to the Disney ticket options for future visits.

One thing that I did miss during this visit were the parades and shows. They also are not doing character meets at this time. Hopefully, those aspects will return soon as it is a big part of the Disney Experience especially for first-time visitors and younger children. We did find that there would periodically be little parades pop up un-announced that consisted of one float with characters on it, so if you were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time you would get to see these little mini-parades.

Once in the parks, Disney has placed markers on the ground that spaces groups anywhere from roughly 6 to 10 feet apart from the group in front and group behind them at every attraction, restaurant, store, and any other place you may have to wait in a line. I found that the majority of people were adhering to these space markings found in the lines. If you are in line and someone is not allowing for the proper space don't be afraid to ask them to stay on their line marking a proper distance away from you. Disney is also requiring masks at all times from the moment you step foot on their property. Masks may only be removed while actively eating or drinking while stationary. They are very strict about this rule and will remind you to cover your mouth and nose at all times if your mask is not being worn properly. They do not allow neck gators, so if planning a visit make sure you have plenty of comfortably fitted masks.

There are times that standing next to other parties in line is unavoidable and in these instances Disney has installed plexiglass barriers on the turn style to create a barrier between you and other guests. They have also installed these barriers on many rides between rows. In cases where barriers have not been installed on a ride they are spacing with leaving rows empty between them.

While a Disney Vacation is definitely different than it once was, I believe they are doing an excellent job with their protocols and a great time will still be had by all. If you are thinking about visiting Disney in the near future contact me to discuss my thoughts and recommendations on a visit to Disney and when it may be most appropriate for your family to visit based on your individual situation.

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