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Let’s face it, 2020 has had more than its share of stressful moments. You’ve probably said more than once, “I need a vacation.” I know I have certainly said it. So why is it that when we are stressed, we dream about getting away? Are people that travel more often happier and less likely to feel stuck or depressed? Are there really that many benefits to traveling that it can cure our worries and make us feel better?

It might not surprise you that the answer is absolutely "yes," but you might not know about the specific and scientifically studied mental health benefits of traveling.

  1. Traveling strengthens relationships. When you travel together, you have the chance to bond over shared experiences and create meaningful memories to cherish for years to come.

  2. A day at the beach has been proven to help relieve stress. The gentle, repetitive sound of waves is meditative for our brains and the sunlight actually triggers the production of vitamin D, which is good for our immune systems.

  3. Spending time outdoors, whether it's hiking, resting by a lake, or watching the clouds go by, can help with memory function and focus while also increasing creativity.

  4. The change of scenery we get from traveling has been shown to reignite our passions and help us recognize the things we’re grateful for and find the most joy in.

  5. We get a sense of achievement from having gone somewhere new and engaging with cultures and experiences that are different from those at home. This accomplishment can raise our self-esteem and motivation to conquer future situations and challenges.

To sum it up, vacations are one of the best ways to relieve the stress of daily life. It allows us to escape, reconnect, and slow down. So the next time you hear yourself say “I need a vacation,” remember, that it might be exactly what you really do need.

Not sure where you can travel to right now? I can help, with the constantly changing environment we live in, it is my job to stay on top of what countries we can freely travel to and what requirements there are to be able to travel to others. As of today, Mexico is an excellent warm weather and beach destination, with many upscale, beautiful resorts to choose from, they have all implemented safety standards to keep guests and staff safe. Mexico is also welcoming American travelers with open arms, socially distanced of course, and no requirements other than a passport to enter.

Looking to visit the Caribbean? There are many Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas, and the USVI that are also welcoming American tourists, however have requirements in place for proof of a negative COVID test in order to enter the country. While it is one extra step, it is one that is worth it to be able to visit some of the amazing islands of the Caribbean, Bahamas, and USVI right now. If you have always dreamed of Hawaii, starting October 15 they will also start welcoming visitors from the mainland with a negative COVID test.

Are you an avid cruiser? While the pause on cruising has disrupted the cruise vacations of many, that pause will be coming to an end soon. The major cruise lines developed a Healthy Sail Panel comprised of medical and industry experts charged with the development of protocols to ensure a safe and healthy return to cruising. This panel submitted and 80+ page document detailing the protocols they are recommending to be put in place to return to sailing and do so as safely as possible. Just yesterday we saw announcements that lead to the phased-in approach for a return to sailing beginning next month. I'm confident sailing will return by the end of this year. Rates for 2021 and into 2022 cruises are amazing right now, if you are looking forward to the return of cruising secure your stateroom today at rates lower than I have seen in a long time. Are you interested in visiting Alaska? Good Karma Vacations is hosting a group on the Sapphire Princess in September of 2021, I have below published rates available only for my clients, click here for details and reserve your spot before they are gone:

While there are a few small pockets of Europe accepting American travelers, the vast majority of the Continent is still closed. At this time I'm not recommending travel to Europe in the short term until we have more information on when more European nations will open. I will be watching it closely and bringing that information to you when it becomes available.

No matter if you are ready to travel today or wanting to wait another 6 months or year, now is the time to start planning. With capped capacity at many resorts, onboard cruise ships, and limited flight schedules, inventory is low. Don't miss out on your next adventure by waiting too long to book it. Contact me today to start planning. 248-518-0713

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