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  • Jessica Drake

Looking to the Future of Cruising

Do you remember watching the Jetsons? What about Back to the Future 2? Do you remember what they imagined the future world would look like? It was all flying cars and robots that cleaned our homes. While our cars don’t fly (yet), we do have Roombas sweep the floors and computers that can fit in our hands. Even if things are different than we may have imagined, our futures hold more innovation and excitement than we could have predicted. The future of travel is no different.

Some cruising innovations have been years in the making, like cruise ships that run on liquefied natural gas to decrease their carbon footprint. Many cruise ships have also stepped up their recycling efforts and reduced single use plastics on board over the last few years. The experience on board many cruise ships is also improving as they upgrade to faster Wi-Fi, expand on board activities, and introduce wearable technology! The future isn’t slowing down for the cruise industry. The cruise lines have yet to determine exactly what your cruising experience will look like in a post-COVID world, but I will be here to help you understand those changes. If you’re like me, I know you can’t wait to get on board. Change isn’t always easy, but I believe that change can make our experiences and our world a better place. One thing that won’t change is our longing for sea days spent lounging on the lido deck and port days spent exploring a beautiful destination. So here’s to the future and all the places we want to sail to some day! Contact me when you are ready to sail again.


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