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  • Jessica Drake

To Travel Again

As your travel agent, my job is to serve my clients: that means you! My goal is to provide you with personalized service to make sure that you and your travel companions have the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. One of the best ways for me to do that is to listen and gather feedback, especially right now. This is a time unlike any other in travel, and while knowing exactly what the future holds is tricky, I am doing everything I can to anticipate your needs. In a recent survey conducted in partnership with my host agency KHM Travel Group, over 3,300 travelers who use travel agents to book their vacations answered two key questions about their future travel plans. If you were a part of this survey, thank you! Your participation was so valuable in understanding how I can best anticipate your future travel plans. The first questions was, “What would make you feel comfortable to travel again, once stay-at-home orders are lifted?”

The second question was, “Where would you feel comfortable to travel again in 2020?”

How do these responses compare with your feelings about future travel? I’d love to hear more from you on how I can help you have the travel experience you are ready for. One thing I do know: travel will be back. Although it may look a little different, one thing will remain the same and that’s my commitment to you. I’m here for whether you are ready to hit the road tomorrow or want to start planning your once-in-a lifetime trip for 2021. Let’s talk soon!

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