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  • Jessica Drake

What I Do For You

Some of you are eager to get on board the next plane going anywhere, the good news is travel is returning and you can start traveling right now. I also know that some of you are not ready to set off, and instead will use this time at home to plan and prepare for a future trip. We all have different levels of comfort, and I want everyone to feel safe and ready when the time comes to take their vacation. Today, I want to share how I can help you plan and take a vacation that fits with your personal decisions about traveling again.

1. Let’s research and plan the right trip for you! There has never really been a one-size-fits-all vacation, and in today’s world, that is especially true. One of the most fun and rewarding parts of my job is getting to craft a vacation that fits your level of adventure. Whether that vacation is spent hiking through exploring Europe or lounging on a pink sand beach, I’ll do the research and planning to ensure you can have a safe and enjoyable trip! 2. What to know before you go. Let’s face it, travel will look different in the coming months. As your travel agent, I’m here to help you navigate the policies and procedures that have changed. From mask requirements onboard airlines to answering, “will the spa be open,” I’ll help you prepare to travel with confidence. 3. I’m here from the first email until your safe return. As a small business owner, my clients are what is most important to me. I’m your advocate in good times and in challenging times. I’m here to get answers and fix problems, should any arise, even if that means hours on hold. I’m in your corner from the moment you tell me you want to go on vacation! Thank you for your support as we continue to move forward together. Please keep me in mind when you are ready to talk travel!

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